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Dentures vs Dental Implants in Lexington, MA

Patients with missing teeth often wonder about the benefits of tooth replacement procedures like dentures or dental implants, and if they need them. Dr. David Rosen may recommend dentures, dental implants, or a combination procedure depending upon how much bone structure is available to support an implant, and how many teeth are missing. While dentures can be a cheaper solution for replacing missing teeth in the short term, many patients report problems with dentures within the first year.

Should I Get Dentures or Dental Implants?

Single Missing Tooth in Lexington, MADr. Rosen will recommend a tooth replacement procedure based on your short term and long term goals. You can educate yourself about the benefits and drawbacks associated with these procedures, as well.

Since dentures are removable, they can rub against your gums when you are talking and eating, and eventually irritate your gum tissues. Since the jaw bone is not stimulated in areas where teeth are missing, you may experience bone loss and bone regression in the areas where the dentures rest. Other problems with dentures include limited range of motion, clicking sounds, and gum discomfort. Some patients also experience changes in facial structure because the muscles in the face are not fully engaged. Since dentures are made with incompatible materials like plastic and cast metal, they can often cause inflammation to the gums and surrounding areas of the mouth.

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution and can actually stimulate bone loss because they function just like natural teeth. Patients with implants generally do not experience discomfort and find that th
e implant looks and feels just like their real teeth. The titanium screw of the implant stimulates the jaw bone, so there is less risk of jaw bone loss. Implants are made of a titanium screw and a durable porcelain crown that is resistant to stains as well as general wear and tear.

If you have questions about dental implants for Lexington, MA patients or wish to learn more about dentures or dental implants as a tooth replacement procedure, set up your consultation with Dr. Rosen today!

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