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Dental Implants in Lexington, MA

A beautiful smile can lift your spirits and also have a positive effect on the people around you. If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, talk with Dr. David Rosen in Lexington, MA about the dental implant procedure. Statistics show that by the age of 35, one out of every three adults has lost at least one tooth. Furthermore, one third of adults have lost all of their teeth by the age of 74. These are startling facts, but Dr. Rosen and our team are here to restore that beautiful smile for life!

How the Dental Implant Procedure Works

A dental implant is a biocompatible screw-like titanium fixture that is surgically placed into the jawbone. After healing is complete and the implant is anchored in the bone, an implant post or abutment and permanent tooth can be attached in a variety of designs.
Adult teeth can be missing for several reasons, including decay, injury, periodontal disease, or a combination of these factors. The dental implant procedure is designed to replace missing teeth with a titanium implant that is fused to the jaw bone.

The practice of recreating missing teeth dates back thousands of years to the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations. Archaeologists have discovered remnants of what appear to be artificial teeth that were made out of shells and flat rocks.

The modern dental implants of today are much safer than those that were used thousands of years ago, and are connected to the jaw bone to prevent bone loss. We use titanium implants for the dental implant procedure because this material functions just like your real teeth. The porcelain crown used on the top part of the implant is resistant to wear and tear, as well as teeth stains. The added benefit of implants is that patients do not have to worry about removing them, or having the implant move or slip when chewing or speaking. In addition, the implants will not fall out or negatively affect the bite.

Would you like to learn more about dental implants in Lexington, MA? Set up your consultation with Dr. Rosen to find out if you are a good candidate for the dental implant procedure.
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