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Dental Implant Cost in Lexington, MA

Dental Implants vs. Dentures in Lexington, MAMany adults with missing teeth are concerned about the cost of tooth replacement procedures, such as dental implants. The cost of implants depends on a number of factors which are listed below and will also be covered in your dental implant consultation with Dr. David Rosen in Lexington, MA:

Number of Missing Teeth

If Dr. Rosen needs to replace several teeth instead of one missing tooth, the cost of treatment will be higher.

Bone Loss

If significant bone loss has occurred, Dr. Rosen may recommend a bone grafting procedure before dental implants can be placed. This is usually billed separately from your dental implant procedure. Dr. Rosen can discuss the cost of the bone graft during your consultation.

Type of Procedure Performed

All-on-4™ implants, implant supported dentures, and traditional dental implants all have different price points. The method used to perform your tooth replacement procedure will affect the total cost of treatment.

Sinus Lift

Some patients may need a sinus lift prior to their procedure to accommodate implants in the upper jaw. The total cost of treatment will likely be greater if you are in need of a sinus lift.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease must be treated before implant placement so that there is less risk of infection and additional tooth loss. Dr. Rosen may recommend a simple scaling and root planing procedure for mild to moderate forms of gum disease, or laser gum surgery to treat moderate to severe stages of gum disease. This may impact your cost of treatment.


Extractions may be necessary prior to implant placement. If you have missing teeth and have experienced some bone degeneration, Dr. Rosen may also need to perform a bone graft and other procedures which can affect your total cost of treatment.

Are you looking for information about dental implant cost in Lexington, MA? Set up your dental implant consultation in Lexington, MA with Dr. Rosen today to receive an accurate estimate of your tooth replacement procedure.
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