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Tooth and Bone Loss in Lexington, MA

Gum Disease and Tooth and Bone Loss Lexington, MAYou can lose your teeth for a number of reasons, including an injury, tooth decay, or illness. Some people with bleeding gums have gum disease which can eventually lead to tooth and bone loss. Losing your teeth and reduced bone levels can cause a number of oral health problems and also interfere with your lifestyle. Dr. David Rosen is a periodontist for Lexington, MA patients and offers treatments to prevent tooth and bone loss.

Diet Problems

When your teeth are not aligned properly, you may not be able to chew food correctly. Bleeding gums or missing teeth might cause the need for you to limit your diet to only soft foods. This can mean that your nutritional needs are not met and can affect your body over time.

Speech Problems

You need your teeth to form certain letter sounds, such as S, Z, D, X, N, TH, and SH. These sounds can only happen with proper tongue to tooth contact. When you have missing teeth, you cannot make these sounds easily and may develop an embarrassing lisp. Your tongue can also be affected by missing teeth. When you do not have any teeth to keep it in place, the tongue can broaden and fill the empty space.

Bone Loss in the Jaw

Your natural teeth serve a secondary purpose of stimulating the jaw bone. Without this natural stimulation, the portion of the jaw bone that anchors teeth in the mouth can start to break down and disintegrate over time. The rate of deterioration begins almost immediately after a tooth is lost or removed, and will continue throughout your life.


Misaligned teeth can become loose when there are no opposing tooth structures. The jaw bone can begin to deteriorate when it receives no stimulation. Losing a single tooth can make other teeth shift their positions and alter your bite pattern.

Facial Appearance

When you have missing teeth, the lips and cheeks do not have a support system and the face can start to appear as if it is “sunken in.” This can add years to your appearance.

Are you looking for a periodontist for Lexington, MA patients? Find out more about bleeding gums treatment options and ways to prevent tooth loss by setting up your consultation with Dr. Rosen today!
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