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Patient Testimonials


View Peter's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"Coming into Dr. Rosen's office I noticed from the very beginning everybody in the office was professional and they knew their stuff. He had the experience from looking at many different mouths and many different throats to know that this appliance was one that was appropriate for this one. We did a follow-up sleep study and the sleep apnea was controlled to the same degree with the appliance as it had been with the CPAP machine."

View Donna's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"I felt like I didn't sleep at all. My memory was bad and I couldn't focus at all. I had severe sleep apnea. I had trouble using CPAP. The appliance was like complete freedom. My husband was relieved, too, and we're both sleeping well now."

View Sam's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"My wife noticed that I stopped breathing during the night. I went for a sleep study 20 years ago and it took me 15 years to do anything about it. I tried CPAP but it was too much maintenance. The oral appliance seemed like an elegant solution. Being an engineer I appreciate simplicity. I regret waiting so long to get something done. I now wake up refreshed; I can sit through meetings and don't doze while I drive."

View Ron's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"For years I was prescribed several prescriptions for various conditions and one day I saw my primary care doctor and I was exhausted. He wanted to give me medication for depression. I wouldn't take it so he suspected sleep apnea and I had a sleep study. The appliance has been a great benefit to me. I wish that I had discovered this treatment in my teens."


View Jodi's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"I was tired quite often. I snored ALL the time. I could also drop off sleeping on a dime. I could be in mid conversation and I would fall asleep. At one point in time I fell asleep at a dinner table without even having a drink."


View Mal's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"I had severe sleep apnea. I tried CPAP for about 6 weeks and couldn't tolerate it. Shortly after stopping it I had a heart attack. My doctor at Mass General said I had to do something and he referred me to Dr Rosen for an oral appliance."


View Sandra's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"I couldn't believe that I had been suffering like this for years when you don't have to. Before my mouth guard I would wake up with dreadful headaches in the morning. It would impact my workplace and now I can think. The oral appliance is like Windex for the brain."

View Kevin's Sleep Apnea Treatment Experience

"Over the last 5 years the snoring has evolved to critical mass and my wife often goes into another room. I was waking up 30 times an hour. It can really affect everybody's health."
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Dr. Rosen has completed training with Dr. Pat Allen in root coverage with Alloderm.

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Dr. Rosen has trained with Dr. Steven Wallace in doing sinus grafts.

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Our office is a training site for sleep medicine fellows from Lahey Clinic & Tufts University.

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