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Guided Tissue Regeneration in Lexington, MA

Periodontal disease causes bone loss around teeth, which can increase the chances for tooth loss. Once a tooth has been lost, the supporting jaw bone will disappear over time. This can make wearing dentures uncomfortable. However, simple techniques are now available to regrow lost bone, provide support for dental implants, or to improve esthetics beneath a fixed bridge.

Bone heals more slowly than the gum tissues in the mouth. Without Guided Bone Regeneration techniques that separate bone from gum t issue, the faster healing gum would prevent the bone from maximizing its full healing potential following surgical procedures. The concept of treatment is simple. A membrane is placed between the gum and bone which acts as a barrier. This barrier prevents downgrowth of the gum into the underlying bone as it heals. Usually a bone graft is placed into the underlying bony irregularities, under the membrane, to help the body grow new bone. Membranes around teeth are typically designed to dissolve away after several weeks of healing have passed. Membranes used to restore bony ridges in association with implant therapy are typically non-resorbable, and must be removed at a later date.

The Benefits

The bone and gum tissue should fit together like a turtleneck around your neck. But when periodontal disease is present, this supporting tissue and bone is destroyed and pockets in the gums develop. Eventually, if too much bone is lost, the tooth will need to be extracted.

Guided tissue bone regeneration helps the body to regenerate lost bone. By repairing the damage done by periodontal disease, this procedure will increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth and will decrease the odds of serious health problems associated with periodontal disease.

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