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Scaling and Root Planing in Lexington, MA

Scaling and Root Planing in Lexington, MABleeding gums are just one of the signs of gum disease. If you notice bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, or your teeth appear to be shifting, you must set up an appointment with Dr. David Rosen as soon as possible. Dr. Rosen may recommend a scaling and root planing treatment that will help to remove the bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildup in the mouth causing the infection of the gums.

How Scaling and Root Planing is Performed

Scaling and root planing is typically performed to clean the area beneath the gum line and the roots of the teeth. The goal of the deep cleaning process is to clear away plaque and tartar and also to smooth the surface of the roots so that the gums can reattach properly. Your gum tissues will be numbed to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Ultrasonic and hand instruments will be used perform the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, an antimicrobial solution will be used to irrigate your periodontal pockets.

Maintaining Results

In order for you to maintain optimal oral health and prevent bleeding gums from recurring, you will need to be very diligent about your home care regimen. You will need to keep all areas clean on a daily basis so that you can manage the bacteria and maintain the health of your gums. Brush and floss very thoroughly each day so that your teeth and gum tissues remain clean at all times.

Getting Gum Disease Treatment

Before Dr. Rosen can recommend scaling and root planing as part of your treatment plan, he will need to make sure that you are in a healthy condition and have not recently had major surgery. He will need to learn more about your medical history, and may recommend an antiseptic oral rinse that contains chlorhexidine to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of infection. Scaling and root planing is most effective in the early stages of gum disease.

If you have bleeding gums or are seeking gum disease treatment in Lexington, MA, set up an appointment with Dr. Rosen today!

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