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Sedation Options in Lexington, MA

Sedation in Lexington, MAIf you have a deep seated fear of going to the dentist or have a lot of anxiety about visiting the dentist for treatment, talk with Dr. David Rosen about sedation dentistry treatment options. Dr. Rosen offers sedation for patients who may be avoiding treatment because of the fear that they are experiencing. Sedation dentistry can make your entire experience at the dentist much more relaxing and comfortable.

Look Forward to an Anxiety Free Visit!

Dr. Rosen offers oral sedation dentistry services for patients who are afraid of going to the dentist or having any type of dental procedures performed. 

Oral sedation works to relieve anxiety a patient might experience before and during their dental visit. You will still be calm and relaxed, but can respond to Dr. Rosen if needed. At this level of sedation, you will most likely slur your words and will not remember anything about the procedure.

Methods of Sedation

Dr. Rosen offers oral sedation to help his patients relax.

Oral sedation dentistry allows us to relieve fear without the use of intravenous tubes or needles. If you usually have trouble getting numb, you will most likely not have a problem being sedated with oral sedation.

Local anesthetic is still used to numb parts of the mouth for certain dental procedures. Dr. Rosen will inject anesthetic in your gum tissues or inner cheek.

Learn more about sedation dentistry options from our periodontist for Lexington, MA patients by setting up your appointment with Dr. Rosen today!
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